Lake Turano: attractions, sports, beaches, villages and history.

ake Turano is an artificial lake in Lazio, located in the province of Rieti, near the Monte Navegna and Monte Cervia Nature Reserve.
An off-the-beaten-track destination for mass tourism and an important centre for sporting activities, Lake Turano is a favourite destination for lovers of unspoilt nature as well as for sports enthusiasts and seaside tourists seeking more niche areas for their summer holidays.
Let us therefore take a brief look at its history, the sports activities that can be practised on the lake and its beaches.

Brief history of Lake Turano

The Turano valley, a hidden gem included in the Anima Reatina territory, has a millenary history – frequented by the Sabines before the Romans – but its lake has a more recent history.
In fact, Lake Turano was created in the 1930s, closing the valley with a dam at its narrowest point, with the aim of avoiding the frequent flooding of the Rieti plain where the Turano river flows into the Velino, and to have a reservoir of water to produce hydroelectric energy, which is still the case today.
Lake Turano, nestled between the peaks of the Navegna and Cervia mountains, has become an extraordinary place over time.

What to do in the Lake Turano area?

Off the beaten track of mass tourism, but not far from Rome, it represents an oasis of peace and tranquillity where nature and the medieval villages that overlook it create a magical atmosphere.
But what opportunities does the Lake Turano area offer holidaymakers?

The beaches of Lake Turano

The waters of Lake Turano are clear, swimmable, and there is no shortage of equipped beaches, some with barbecue facilities (for a fee to use sunbeds and umbrellas), accommodation facilities and charming lakeside eateries where you can sample typical products.
The ‘cave beach’ at Castel di Tora is free and also has a picnic area with free access. Others, also in the area, are managed by local operators (Hotel Turano, Bar Trattoria Castellani, Ristorante L’Angoletto, Riviera degli Asinelli and Carpe Zone Cornito).
For those who are not fond of days under the beach umbrella or want to accompany their bathing holiday with other activities, Lake Turano offers a wide range of alternatives, from sport to hiking and visits to enchanting villages.

Outdoor activities and sport

Thanks to the presence of the Lega Navale Italiana Rieti-Lago del Turano (Italian Naval League Rieti-Lake Turano) and the boat rental activities in the area, it is possible to practice sailing, kayaking, sup, canoes, pedal boats, and it is possible to book sailing courses or sailing camps for school children.
Since the lake is part of the Monti Navegna and Cervia Nature Reserve, located in the province of Rieti, there are numerous paths that climb to the peaks, characterised by breathtaking landscapes and magnificent views of the lake.
Some can be done independently, for others it is necessary to rely on local guides.

Villages near Lake Turano

In the Turano Lake area there are some truly unmissable stops for those who love to visit Italian villages, taste typical food, and discover monuments and ruins that reveal the history of the area.
First on the list is the medieval village of Antuni, a ghost village where access is only permitted with specialised personnel, including the guides of Camminando con ( Situated on a promontory almost entirely surrounded by the lake, it offers wonderful views of the horizon framed by ruins.
Equally suggestive to visit are the villages reflected in the waters of Lake Turano, such as Castel di Tora, Paganico Sabino, Colle di Tora and Ascrea, each with its own charm and peculiarities.