About us


Anima Reatina is the result of a project developed within the notice of the Tourism Department of the Lazio Region and published by LazioCrea called “Interventions to support tourist destinations in Lazio”.

In the province of Rieti, a mixed public-private association was formed, called “Destination Management Organization” (DMO), which took the name of Restart Turismo Rieti.

The DMO includes 40 municipalities and 250 private entities divided between entrepreneurs and associations. Added to them are external supporters who will collaborate in the promotion of the project and the marketing of the products: the Spanish Region of Galicia with its network of the Caminos de Santiago, the Cammini d’Europa Association and the Spanish tour operator Artnatura Galicia, and in partnership , La Sapienza University with its Sapienza Innovazione consortium.

The project intends to enhance the mix of elements and attractions that characterize the area rather than the presence of exclusive uniqueness, creating a multi-product destination, capable of creating differentiated proposals based on what the various segments of demand require.