Way of St Benedict




111 km


33:50 h

Difference in height

3.391 m

Elevation loss

3.841 m

The path of San Benedetto is a timeless journey of devotion and courage, which follows in the footsteps of the Patron Saint of Europe, in search of spirituality among breathtaking panoramas and enchanting landscapes.

The Way of San Benedetto covers 300 km from Norcia to Cassino, touching the most important places in the life of San Benedetto. It is the pilgrimage route traveled by those who wish to honor and celebrate the life and deeds of San Benedetto da Norcia. 16 stages through paths, cart tracks and low traffic roads, crossing the valleys and mountains of Umbria and Lazio.
The path of the Patron Saint of Europe in the Sabina area develops over 7 days of travel for a total of over 100 km, offering the pilgrim splendid views of the Apennines, ancient churches and monasteries. A journey through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the region to give an unforgettable experience and the opportunity to explore a piece of Italian history.
Starting from Monteleone di Spoleto and crossing Leonessa, Poggio Bustone, Rieti, Rocca Sinibalda, Castel di Tora, Orvinio, you can experience the true beauty of this path trodden hundreds of years ago by San Benedetto da Norcia.

The stages affecting the municipalities in the DMO are as follows:
3° Stage Monteleone di SpoletoLeonessa13,1 kmDifference in height: 200 mt. – Elevation loss: 160 mt
4° Stage LeonessaPoggio Bustone13.3 kmDifference in height: 609 mt. – Elevation loss: 767 mt
6° Stage RietiRocca Sinibalda20 kmDifference in height: 456 mt. – Elevation loss:299 mt
7° Stage Rocca SinibaldaCastel di Tora13,5 kmDifference in height: 238 mt. – Elevation loss: 202 mt
8° Stage Castel di ToraOrvinio13 kmDifference in height: 765 mt. – Elevation loss: 556 mt
9° Stage OrvinioMandela/Vicovaro19,3 KmDifference in height: 650 mt. – Elevation loss: 995 mt

Whether you are a religious pilgrim or simply wish to explore Italy’s past in depth, the Cammino di San Benedetto offers a unique view of a part of Lazio waiting to be discovered.

Author’s suggestions

Along the path of San Benedetto you will find numerous reception points, you can sleep in lodgings, B&Bs, farmhouses or in religious structures. On the official website www.camminodibenedetto.it you will find information, gps tracks and request the credentials to walk the Way.

Visiting suggestions

Along the stages are other places of interest that, time permitting, we invite you to visit.


If you want to access the detailed map for outdoor use and check all the data and statistics of the route, even in 3D, please see the page that Anima Reatina has published on the outdooractive portal